Operations Executive (Frozen Foods) – Part Time / Full Time

Company Background A Bizsafe and ISO certified Company, Heinrich Food Pte Ltd has been a distributor of chilled & frozen food for the food service sector; covering hotels, clubs, restaurants and cafes since 2006. Heinrich Food has helmed numerous awards like Singapore SME 1000, Teochew Entrepreneur and Women Entrepreneur. We are looking for: Operations Executive … Read more

Marketing Intern

Ramroy has established themselves as an organization with a strong local presence with a diverse portfolio spanning across different business units. Specializing in insect, odour, airborne and surface bacteria control, Ramroy supports various industries with the latest technologically-advanced solutions in the market, carefully catering to each of their specific needs. You will support and work … Read more

Account Manager

Do you want to help shape the future of healthcare? Our name, Siemens Healthineers (SHS), was selected to honor our people who dedicate their energy and passion to this cause. It reflects their pioneering spirit combined with our long history of engineering in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. We offer you a flexible and dynamic environment … Read more

Logistics Coordinator

ExxonMobil, one of the largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. We are one of the largest foreign investors in Singapore with more than S$25 billion in assets, and have been operating in Singapore for more than 125 years, expanding from trading … Read more


Emfangsmitarbeiter/-inDer erste Eindruck ist alles! Als Empfangsmitarbeiter/-in betreuen Sie die Gäste von der Ankunft bis zur Abreise und stellen sicher, dass sie ein unvergessliches Erlebnis mit uns haben. Was wir bieten: In 3-4 Punkten Aufführung der Vorteile und Benefits der Tätigkeit bei Mitarbeiterkarte für vergünstigte Tarife in Accor weltweit Sie erhalten Zugang zu unserem Trainingsangebot … Read more


职位名称 用 1-2句话,给出一个“焦点描述”(一个有吸引力且引人入胜的角色概述) 您将会获得: 主要3-4点,酒店和雅高所给予的工作福利及津贴,包括人才发展机会和企业社会责任活动您将会在以下方面大有作为: 主要3-4点,只强调角色的最重要职责 您需要具备的的经验和技能包括: 主要3-4点,指出必要的资质和经验(例如教育,技术技能,语言) 您的团队和工作环境: 用1-2句话,用以介绍团队,酒店或办公室环境以及反映文化。 注意:可以包括任何特定的地方或立法要求的定制,如工作许可 我们对多元化和包容性的承诺:我们是一个包容性的公司,我们的目标是吸引,招募和推广多元化人才。加入雅高的理由? 我们不仅是全球领导者,我们更欢迎您的加入。在雅高,您可以找到适合您个性的酒店品牌及职位。我们全方位支持您每天不断地成长和学习,同时我们确保您所从事的工作能为您的生活带来新目标和新追求。当您于我们共事时,您可以继续探索雅高的无限可能性。加入雅高集团,书写您的人生篇章,我们一同谱写未来酒店业。点击https://careers.accor.com/,探索您加入雅高集团后的生活。 从事你所钟爱的职业;心系你所关注的世界;面对现状,敢于挑战!#BELIMITLESS Apply Attention – In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never withdraw fees from candidates. If there are companies that attract interview fees, tests, ticket reservations, etc. it is better to avoid it because there are indications of fraud. If you see … Read more


前台接待第一印象决定一切!作为前台接待,您将负责宾客从抵达直至离店,确保他们在入住期间有难忘的经历。 您将会获得: 以下3-4项用于展示于酒店工作福利待遇 于全球雅高使用员工福利卡并享有优惠价。 通过雅高学院学习课程 在您的酒店和全球范围内拥有人才发展和成长的机会! 能够通过我们的企业社会责任活动发挥作用,如21世纪地球 您将会在以下方面大有作为: 在提供卓越服务的同时问候,办理入住手续,回应客人需求及账单结算 主动增加个性化体验 自豪地推广酒店设施,寻找机会通过增销提升客人住宿次数 你的经验和技巧包括: 关注服务至关重要;经验是一种资产 会操作Opera或相关系统 流利的英语;其他语言是附加优势 您的团队和工作环境: 用1-2句话,用以介绍团队,酒店或办公室环境以及反映文化。 注意:可能包括任何特定的地方或立法要求的定制,如工作许可 我们对多元化和包容性的承诺:我们是一个包容性的公司,我们的目标是吸引,招募和推广多元化人才。 加入雅高的理由? 我们不仅是全球领导者,我们更欢迎您的加入。在雅高,您可以找到适合您个性的酒店品牌及职位。我们全方位支持您每天不断地成长和学习,同时我们确保您所从事的工作能为您的生活带来新目标和新追求。当您于我们共事时,您可以继续探索雅高的无限可能性。加入雅高集团,书写您的人生篇章,我们一同谱写未来酒店业。点击https://careers.accor.com/,探索您加入雅高集团后的生活。 从事你所钟爱的职业;心系你所关注的世界;面对现状,敢于挑战!#BELIMITLESS Apply for 前台接待. Job vacancy 前台接待 and 前台接待 Salary.

Raffles Hotel Singapore – Housekeeping Attendant (Laundry)

Raffles Hotel Singapore welcomed guests in August 2019 after a careful and sensitive restoration breathing new life into its beautiful building. One of the few remaining great 19th century hotels in the world, the hotel is perfectly preserved both inside and out, giving it an intoxicating blend of luxury, history and classic colonial design. Its … Read more


Job Description: Knowledge of HR duties MOM Work Pass application and management Handle employee enrollment and resignation Government Department related survey Government related license renewal Office leasing and maintenance Office Stationary supply and restock Company activities and yearly gifts Requirement Professional Certificate / NITEC, Diploma Apply for HR AND ADMIN ASSISTANT. Job vacancy HR AND … Read more


Independent. Able to work and assist to run the restaurant well. Needs to know computer and able to work shift. Need to handle customers well and needs to assist in paper work and stock taking. Coordinate between kitchen and outside crew. Able to cook is a plus point. might need to be cashier when needed. … Read more