Store Operations Specialist – Loro Piana

The Store Operations Specialist is responsible for all activities related to packaging, store and delighting tools by managing the entire process in order to guarantee in time the right tools to the right location being the point of contact with the internal stakeholders and external suppliers for all the administrative matters, directly taking care of the WW purchases orders, data entry, and official reporting.

Furthermore, he/she supports the logistics activities for the materials handling at WW level.



With regards to packaging, store tools (those tools used for selling ceremony or to enrich guest in-store experience), delighting tools:

  • Is responsible for overall process data management, follow-up, and reporting.
  • Collect Store’s needs/forecast in terms of functionalities and occasion of use for packaging, store tools, and delighting tools.
  • Collaborates to define store tools design, in collaboration with other Functions (e.g. Brand Image).
  • Defines brief on new tools (packaging, store, and delighting tools) for suppliers.
  • Activate Supply Chain Logistics for delivery/import requirements and authorization.
  • Is responsible, in collaboration with Procurement functions, for the management of all the administrative activities with the external suppliers (i.e. supplier codification on Procurement Portal, module, terms, and conditions, payments, etc.), being the point of contact with their administrative offices.
  • Collaborate with the Procurement function for the definition of price lists related to agreed services/goods and collect Product Composition Documents and for the collection of Product Composition Documents.
  • Approve the forecast for all channels (Retail, Franchising, WS, E-Commerce, PR seeding, etc.) to be shared with Supply Chain Logistics and Procurement.
  • Is responsible to confirm the final order to all channels.
  • Is responsible for the product/article production management, monitoring the correct performance in terms of timing of the supplier production processes, and verifying the quality of the product/article.
  • Define shipping priorities, confirming delivery date to all channels.
  • In collaboration with Supply Chain Logistics, coordinates and monitors shipping, including check of combo products.
  • Approve replenishment and consolidation whit external and internal stakeholders.
  • Manage the new platform BOARD dedicated to Store Operations.

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